We have a Zyto Elite machine/licence for sale. You can read more about the Zyto Elite at https://www.zyto.com/products/elite. This is the top of the range scanning machine from Zyto.

They are currently selling for $14,750 USD, but we are willing to take substantially lower. Will sell to the person who makes the best offer.

Since Zyto is a software and the hand cradle is the only physical device, there is no difference between buying a software licence directly from Zyto, or buying an existing licence from a practitioner. In this case, there is no such thing as second hand, besides the hand cradle, which is only about $100.

It is surprisingly easy to use the Zyto, and you will be up and running after watching a couple of their short training videos. The system has on screen prompts, so it will navigate you through the process as well. In addition to that, Zyto also provides unlimited one-on-one training sessions over the phone or internet, and a fast response support service by email.

Here are a few videos describing the Zyto machine:



As we were operating from overseas, we were able to purchase the Zyto Elite Tower, which is an additional physical device that allows us to scan our own products and store them inside the software. The product’s electronic signatures can then be tested on patients to see if they react well to them or not. It is a hugely valuable item which gives you the ability to completely customise the Zyto, and not have to rely on them or their libraries of medicines/supplements. I think it is worth an extra $1,000 or $2,000 for the Tower, but I can’t remember.

From what I was told, the FDA does not allow the tower for US customers of Zyto, since many of them were scanning pharmaceutical drugs and testing the signatures on their patients, and finding that pretty much all pharmaceutical drugs were useless and harmful. The FDA (ie. Big Pharma) were not happy, so it was banned. This of course is not the “official story”, but what I was told from behind the scenes. Anyway, we have a tower, so that is awesome for us and whoever buys our Zyto.

We scanned about 150 Ayurvedic medicines, and a number of popular Amazon supplements, with our Tower. So all of these are still inside our libraries and available for the purchaser of our Zyto to use. They can of course continue to use the Tower and scan in their own remedies.

The Tower can also function as another output device, and we imprinted remedies into water for our patients.



We had a number of amazing results from using the Zyto and scanning our patients. Here are a few of the best stories that I can remember, which demonstrate that the Zyto Elite was able to detect things and give information that would otherwise be unknown to the practitioner. The patients were amazed that it could detect these results.

1. We had a sick patient with a very high reading for paint in the body. We asked him if he was painting his house at the moment. He said he wasn’t, but that his next door neighbour was, and the fumes were coming in to his house.

2. There was a patient with abnormally high levels of a particular pesticide. We googled it and found that it was commonly sprayed in rice fields. He said in his commute to work he always rides by large rice fields where he saw spraying going on regularly.

3. A patient showed a high reading for being made sick by geopathic stress. We asked him if he lived near a canal, as we knew that geopathic stress was often caused by underground flows of water. He said that his house was right next to the canal, and was shocked that the Zyto could pick this up.

4. There was a patient who had a high result for a specific area of the brain. He mentioned that he had a rugby knock there about 5-10 years back and he was in a coma for 2 weeks. We advised him to immediately get a relevant hospital scan on that area as it is likely to be cancer. This was a great example of detecting a problem before the symptoms started to show.

5. I once personally had a very bad stomach episode, with cramping, pain, and nausea. I tested myself for remedies and there was one particular ayurvedic medicine which showed an incredibly high result. In fact, this was the highest I had ever seen, and pretty much showed it was a 100% sure bet. I then got a somewhat skeptical doctor to come and give me a diagnosis based on my symptoms. I asked him if he could only give me 1 medicine, what would it be? He prescribed the exact same medicine, so I showed him the scan results, and he immediately became a firm believer in the Zyto. We got a correct medicine prescription within just a few minutes using the Zyto.



Our clinic was located in Sri Lanka, and unfortunately had to close it down, which a lot of patients were sad to hear. We are leaving the country within 2 months due to an unstable political situation.

So our Zyto Elite is for sale, and as mentioned above, we are willing to take the best available offer.

We were on a payment plan with Zyto, and we still have a balance of about $6,000. So any offers will have to be above this amount.

For example, if someone offered $10,000, then $6,000 of that would be paid to Zyto, and we would receive the balance $4,000. We will courier the hand cradle to you, and Zyto will transfer the licence into your name.

Considering we have the tower, this Zyto Elite would be worth about $16,000 US or more. So if you are in the market for a Zyto machine, or are considering any of the other similar machines in this field of medicine, you can pick yourself up a bargain. All reasonable offers are considered, so please get in touch if you have any interest.

You can contact Adam at adam@rothenterprise.com for enquiries.